White Knight Rust Guard®

A proven performer when it comes to metal protection, restoration and decoration.

White Knight Rust Guard® is a proven performer when it comes to treating, protecting, restoring and decorating metal surfaces.

It has a comprehensive range of prep, primer and topcoat products for all your metal needs.

The prep products effectively clean & treat rust and prepare the surface for priming. The primer products are specially formulated for adhesion and to deliver a resilient rust inhibiting barrier based on the metal type.

White Knight Rust Guard® topcoats add further rust protection and a smooth, long lasting colour finish in one easy step. 1000's of colour options are available, including COLORSTEEL® and PPG Paints®.

For restoring, maintaining, protecting or decorating metal surfaces around the home such as fences, gutters, doors, windows, gates and furniture.

Surfaces types include steel, structural steel, wrought iron, galvanized iron, aluminium, chrome, brass & copper

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