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White Knight Rust Guard® Cold Gal

Heavy duty anti-corrosive coating

White Knight® Tub & Basin

White Knight® Tub & Basin is a two pack epoxy enamel that dries to a tough tile-like finish to restore previously discoloured or unsightly surfaces.

White Knight® Strokes

White Knight® Strokes is an oil based craft and decorative paint with a durable high gloss finish.

White Knight® Pot Belly Black

White Knight® Pot Belly Black is a heat resistant paint designed for use on metal surfaces which are subject to radiant heat.

White Knight® Spot Marking

White Knight® Spot Marking is a quick and easy way to highlight and mark out areas.

White Knight Rust Guard® Quick Dry True Bite Primer

Optimal anti-corrosive primer

White Knight Rust Guard® Epoxy Enamel

White Knight Rust Guard® Epoxy Enamel is a UV resistant protective finish

About Us

White Knight Paints has been a leading force in the Australian speciality paint market for many years - catering for both the professional and do-it-yourself consumer. By consistently investing in new technology, listening to customers and developing market leading products the White Knight brand has built its reputation on quality, innovation and service.

White Knight Rust Guard®

Rust Guard® is a proven performer when it comes to metal protection.

White Knight Ultra Pave®

White Knight Ultra Pave® concrete and garage floor paints are an easy and cost effective method of either transforming or refreshing your old concrete areas.