Refresh tired outdoor spaces with Ultra Pave


Giving concrete areas a makeover is a simple process when using White Knight Ultra Pave. Using paint can be the easiest way to revitalise a run-down concrete path or driveway. Watch Kirsty and Jesse refresh an old concrete space using White Knight Ultra Pave Concrete Etcher, White Knight Ultra Pave Garage Floor Primer, and White Knight Ultra Pave Quick Dry.

First prep your concrete by giving it a detailed a thorough clean, before following the instructions to prepare and apply the Ultra Pave Concrete Etcher. This will roughen up the surface to for optimal bonding of paint, making the product and finish last.

As Kirsty and Jesse’s surface sees a lot of traffic, they’ve next applied a coat of White Knight Ultra Pave Garage Floor Primer. This will improve the paint adhesion and ensure the result looks as expected and desired.

Finally, the White Knight Ultra Pave Quick Dry paint can be applied with a roller or brush across the entire surface. When applying the second coat of paint, add White Knight Ultra Pave Topcoat Grip Additive as directed to prevent potential slipping hazards when wet.